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We close the loop

VEKA Recycling is a leader in the recycling of discarded windows and doors made of plastic. We offer you an economical and convenient service that you can rely on at all times. We already work together with numerous window manufacturers and fitters as well as disposal companies. In this way, we jointly ensure that valuable material does not end up in incineration.

We use our innovative recycling process to close the material cycle. By recycling old PVC windows and doors, the material can be fed directly back into the extrusion of new window and door profiles - without any loss of quality.

Sustainability and environmental protection are our top priorities. For this reason, we work consistently to make every single step of our recycling process as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our business model targets discarded PVC windows, doors and shutters - for good reason. By operating in a clearly defined sector, we can work particularly closely with manufacturers and installers and contribute all the better to making the industry environmentally friendly.

15 amazing facts to celebrate 15 amazing years of recycling

15 amazing facts to celebrate 15 amazing years of recycling

High-quality materials sustainably produced and supplied

VEKA Compounds

VEKA Compounds produces and supplies rigid PVC granulates for extrusion. The regranulates produced with state-of-the-art technologies can be used directly in the extrusion of new frame profiles.

In industrial as well as commercial use, the granulates are convincing due to their high durability and quality. In this way, the cycle of recyclable materials is closed. For a sustainable and efficient use of resources.

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We are part of the VEKA Group

With 46 locations on 4 continents, the VEKA Group is the world's leading system provider for PVC windows, doors and panels. Our customers benefit from the experience, competence and knowledge of more than 50 years - put into practice every day by more than 6,900 employees worldwide.

As a family-run company, VEKA still stands for reliability and sustainable management. This is where the idea of service-oriented plastic window recycling was born: the starting point for the foundation of VEKA Umwelttechnik.

The success of the recycling concept developed and optimised in-house led VEKA AG to promote the idea of a joint initiative of leading German plastic profile manufacturers - and in 2002 became a founding partner of the new Rewindo GmbH. The company pursues the goal of helping successful PVC recycling to become even better known to the public. Because only a secure recycling of recyclable materials creates confidence in a successful, sustainable and grandchild-friendly future.

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