In a world where 'plastic waste' is becoming a dirty word,
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We close the loop

The construction sector accounts for 20% of EU-wide plastic production. PVC products are used here, for example, in the form of pipes, floor coverings or in profile production for window and door frames. The reasons for this are not only the long service life of this valuable material, but also its very good insulating properties and good energy efficiency. In addition, the very good recyclability contributes to the excellent environmental balance of PVC building products.

For this reason, we have developed a recycling process that closes the PVC material cycle: By using our loop closing process, we can recycle uPVC windows and doors up to ten times. As a result, one uPVC window or door can have as much as 350 years of usage when it is recycled at VEKA.

we close the loop

Why We Do What We Do

VEKA Recycling is an industry leader in recycling 'end of life' uPVC windows and doors, offering a reliable, cost-effective and long-term service that you can depend on.

We work with window fabricators and installers, as well as waste companies throughout the UK to ensure that valuable uPVC material is not lost to landfill.

We use our innovative recycling process to close the loop on uPVC recycling. This means that old windows and doors can be recycled and extruded into new windows and doors that boast the same standard of quality as the ones previous. In this way, we jointly ensure that valuable material does not end up in incineration. In this way, our partner companies also contribute to more environmental protection and significantly save costs.

Here at VEKA Recycling, we look to help more people appreciate the long lifespan, low maintenance of uPVC and its ability to be continually reincarnated. These practical benefits make uPVC one of the most sustainable products currently available in the building and home improvement market.

Why Recycle uPVC Windows and Doors?

There is a range of reasons as to why you should be recycling your old uPVC - for us it's primarily about the environmental benefits, but there are a lot more perks for you as the installer. VEKA's uPVC recycling is a convenient service, and can also offer an array of economic benefits as well as legislative ones. We work alongside our parent company all over Europe with great success, allowing a significant number of home improvement specialists to reap these rewards.

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Closed-loop recycling

We are proud to close the loop on uPVC recycling. We use the latest technologies to create pelletised uPVC which is passed onto approved extruders to make new building products, including new uPVC windows.

The average uPVC window or door has a lifespan of around 30 or 40 years and can be recycled up to ten times - we are effectively helping create windows and doors with a 350 year lifespan. This can help fight against product depletion. It will also be preventing a versatile material from ending up lost into landfill up and down the country.

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So Far We Have Achieved...

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Service and Simplicity from VEKA

Our service

VEKA Recycling offers a convenient and straightforward service to all our customers. We acknowledge that some recycling services can require a lot of work your end, which can put you off. For that reason, we ensure that barely any time is taken out of your typical working day.

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Certified company

Since 2012, our energy management system (EMS) has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001. Our quality management is also certified according to ISO 9001.

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Make sure with us that valuable material does not end up in the incinerator

A large number of companies trust the services of VEKA Recycling

Our recycling concept opens up clear competitive advantages for companies in many sectors. A wide variety of companies benefit from the professional disposal and reprocessing of their production waste.