Being future-friendly

Recycling and environmental protection

Act future-friendly

Here at VEKA, we continually work to make sure that every step of our recycling process is as environmentally friendly as possible. Our attention to detail is what separates us from the competition and makes us the market leader.

In addition to providing suitable collection containers, this also includes a closed water circuit, the energy management system and the avoidance of unnecessary empty runs. This attention to detail is what sets us and our recycling process apart.

Circular economy in practice since 1993

Recycling of plastic windows and doors

We are committed to the sustainability of our environment. We have worked meticulously to ensure that every stage of our closed loop process is as environmentally friendly as possible. This is what separates VEKA from the competition.

In 2007, we set out to fight the prejudices against uPVC in the modern home improvement industry. Fabricators nowadays are continually searching for uPVC alternatives, but we don’t think that’s necessary. uPVC’s long lifespan and impressive versatility make it the perfect material to work with.

The VEKA Recycling Group offers window manufacturers a unique service for the recycling of PVC windows and doors. Since 1993, we have been working on further perfecting our industry-leading recycling process. In this way, we offer a sustainable and, moreover, economical alternative to the previously common approach of landfilling or incinerating discarded PVC products.

We appreciate the long service life of typically 30-40 years, the versatile application possibilities and, last but not least, the special ease of maintenance of PVC windows. Thanks to these advantages alone, the material PVC is simply too valuable to be used only once. Our revolutionary recycling process, on the other hand, allows it to be recovered and used up to ten times for products of consistently high quality. In purely arithmetical terms, this results in a service life of around 350 years! Our recycling concept not only reduces the need for raw materials, but also the disposal costs for you through comprehensive services.

Recycling advantages

Here at VEKA Recycling, we look to help more people appreciate the long lifespan, low maintenance of uPVC and its ability to be continually reincarnated. These practical benefits make uPVC one of the most sustainable products currently available in the building and home improvement market.

Here at VEKA we aim to encourage companies to recycle as much as they can – our method is to make it as easy as possible. There are so many unarguable reasons for recycling uPVC, but some stand above the rest.

However, by offering a recycling process which is continually being improved each year, we hope that we can encourage more and more home improvement specialists to work with VEKA. If you’re interested in recycling with us, you can get in contact today.

There are a number of reasons why you should recycle old PVC profiles or production residues. The first thought is to protect the climate and resources. However, there are also economic and administrative advantages for specialist window companies and disposal firms. With our practical service, you can make these advantages work for you.

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Recycling Benefits

Environmental protection

As numerous as the advantages of plastic are, new production requires finite resources. In addition, typical plastics are extremely slow to biodegrade. Our TÜV-certified recycling process circumvents these problems.

The extraction of our regranulates requires 90 % less CO2 than the new production of PVC, and this with up to ten times recycling without loss of quality. In this way, natural resources and the climate are conserved, while at the same time waste disposal companies are relieved. The recycling of PVC windows and doors is therefore a gain - not least for compliance with ethical and ecological corporate standards (green procurement).

The extraction of our regranulates requires 90% less CO2 than the new production of PVC.

Sustainability thought holistically

Working as a recycling specialist demands a serious commitment to the environment. The VEKA brand name is synonymous with positive environmental solutions. Aside from establishing our famous closed-loop uPVC recycling process, we also show our green credentials in a variety of other ways.

Here at VEKA Recycling, we work meticulously to make each stage of our service as kind to the environment as physically possible. We strive to have unrivalled attention to detail, which has gone a long way towards our steady growth since starting our UK initiative in 2007. We have worked to ensure that we are lowering our carbon footprint year on year, utilising the latest and most innovative technology wherever we can. We take pride in leading the industry with our eco-friendly alternatives to outdated recycling practices.

We at VEKA Recycling offer a free pickup service with all the uPVC disposal bags we supply to our customers. With this, we had to consider how we could reduce our emissions while still delivering the hassle free service we have gained a reputation for.

As a result, the percentage of our vehicles that run on LPG as opposed to diesel is growing with each passing year. Liquified Petroleum Gas is an incredibly efficient fuel alternative, which lowers the carbon emissions of our fleet as a whole. Furthermore, we also consistently review the routes which all our vehicles drive, tailoring journeys with fuel efficiency and carbon emissions in mind. Where possible, we will use as little of our fleet as possible on a single working day. We do this by using select vehicles for both drop-offs and collections.

We consistently review the routes which all our vehicles drive, tailoring journeys with fuel efficiency and carbon emissions in mind.