We close the loop


We close the loop

We use our innovative recycling process to close the loop on uPVC recycling. This means that old windows and doors can be recycled and extruded into new windows and doors that boast the same standard of quality as the ones previous.

The recycling plant in Behringen (Germany) was founded in 1993 and was the first specialist disposal company for the recycling of plastic windows to be TÜV-certified in 1997. Since our foundation, we have optimised and perfected every phase of our recycling process - right down to reducing the CO2 emissions of our vehicle fleet.

Since raw material reserves on our planet are finite, the entire construction industry must be converted to a circular economy in the future. This means that all materials are completely recycled - just like in nature. Plastic windows can already be recycled almost completely and without any loss of quality.

Lifetime of PVC

Compared to other types of plastic, PVC products in the construction sector, such as window and door profiles, have by far the longest useful life. Packaging and consumer goods, on the other hand, are only in use for a very short time and at the same time still account for the largest share of plastic production.

Plastic windows and doors reach a useful life of 35 years on average before they are discarded. With our closed-loop recycling process, these products can be recycled up to ten times. In this way, we enable PVC windows and doors to last around 350 years.

Own representation according to: PLASTIKATLAS | Appenzeller/Hecher/Sack (M), CC BY 4.0

Recycling cycles

We concentrate on the material recycling of window plastics (i.e. without incineration) - both from window production (post-industrial recycling) and from disposed old windows (post-consumer recycling).

When plastic windows are recycled, the burden on the environment is doubled:On the one hand, much less waste has to be disposed of. Secondly, the production of recycled plastic produces significantly less CO2.

In the meantime, our recycling association has already been able to save 780,000 CO2. And because the recycled plastic is of such high quality that new plastic windows can be made from it, there are already 40,000,000 windows with recycled cores in circulation.

We are proud of our closed-loop recycling system and the high energy efficiency of our products.