Services of VEKA Recycling


Acceptance specification

Processable material

VEKA Recycling is a leader in the recycling of discarded windows and doors made of plastic. We use our innovative recycling process to close the material cycle. In doing so, we have the most modern and largest recycling plant in Europe.

Our partner companies can hand in a whole range of materials to us. To make things easier for you, we don’t expect you to separate the frames by colour. You’ll also only need to remove the glazing – all hardware and any metal can remain. With plastic doors, only the fillings need to be removed. We do the rest for you.

Foreign substances that are excluded from acceptance

There are also some materials and foreign substances that our recycling plant cannot recycle. The following materials are therefore excluded from acceptance:

  • Burnt PVC
  • Profile Yellow bag
  • Plastic sheets
  • PVC sheet material
  • PU reinforced profiles
  • Glass fibre reinforced PVC Rau-fibro
  • Roller shutter boxes
  • Foamed PVCMulti-skin sheets (possibly tin-stabilised)
  • Thermally-damaged PVC
  • Corrugated sheets (tin-stabilised)